If you lose your stuff at this airport, this dog will bring it back to you

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"At 6 she wanted to be a ballerina
At 8 she wanted to be a veterinarian
at 10 she wanted to be a teacher
at 13 she wanted to be pretty
at 16 she wanted to be dead
at 18 she graduates high school
at 20 she studies for her final
at 22 she gets her diploma
at 24 she finds her career
at 26 she whispers “I do”
at 28 she holds her new born child
at 30 she wipes her tears and says I made it."

How to love, Chapter 10 

You’re so beautiful and you deserve so much more than what you do to yourself. 

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This broke my heart in the best way possible

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Ariana’s photoshoot by Jones Crow

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SOFTlab (NYC) Melissa - We Are Flowers, 2014

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Side by Side, Steve McCurry

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